Mobility Drills to Prepare for a Snatch & Overhead Lift - CrossFit Fibre

If you see a Snatch in a workout, you know you will need a whole bunch of exercises and mobility to prepare your body for the complex movement.

Most of the time we notice that it is the shoulder that lacks the most mobility and this will affect the lift in general. Tightness in the pectorals, deltoids, thoracic tightness or kyphosis will affect the receiving position of the bar, failing or missing and lift and worst, an increased chance of injury.

But there are many preventative drills for you to do, to prepare yourself for this lift. Below are some Mobility Drills to Prepare for the Snatch. Check out these short videos on how to prepare your shoulders and upper back for the Snatch lift.

Mobility Drills for Snatch and Clean and Jerk – Opening up the Thoracic (upper back) using a Foam Roller and a Pec stretch.

PVC Pass Overs

Push Drills

We know that everyone is different and some of these drills may or may not suit you. If these movements are useful to you, then perform them frequently and thoroughly to maximise your mobility and your performance.

These are only some really effective ones to get you started. Stay tuned for more movement drills on our Youtube page.

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