Over 35 years young and still rearing to go. Not ready to sit on the couch and blame a number? Get in contact and try out our workout program.

Training the Mature Athlete

Over 35 athletes will not be able to move and recover like our younger team mates. Our physiology literally slows down, but that that does not mean our activities should either.

  • Maintaining your bodies muscle mass is the only way to ensure that your metabolism does not slow down.
  • Lifting weights will also decrease your likely hood of osteoporosis. The constant loading of your muscles will strengthenĀ the density of your bone structure, decreasing your risk of breaks.
  • Improved Reaction times from the movement program will better your chance in adapting to our ever changing environments. Prevent yourself from tripping over, slips and falls.
  • Feel Confident and Empowered to be the best you can be.

CrossFit Masters Perth

Depending on how much exercise you have done over the years and also your age, mature athletes need to focus a lot more on the before and after of the workouts. Increasing your preparation and mobility times are important to ensure a decreased risk of injury.

CrossFit Masters Perth 3

Often times it takes a bit more time to increase the blood flow to different parts of the body and to get the body primed for the complex movements. A key part to training when over 35 is really listening to how your body reacts to the training stimulus.

CrossFit Masters Perth 2From experience, there is a little bit more delay in recovery, delayed onset muscle soreness and also adaptation. Results also vary depending on the athlete, lifestyle factors and nutrition. Daily performance is often times affected by the amount of sleep that we get.Adaptation to the training stimulus is different.

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