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Turkish Core Party

The Turkish Core Party is a workout based around the Turkish Getup. 3 Rounds For Time 30 Overhead Dumbbell Lunge 10 Turkish Get Up 30/25 17min TimeCap Scaled to 25/22.5 for 12 TGU and 22.5/20 for 15 TGU. Any weight less than that 18 reps. Turkish Get Up Tech Starting...

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April-May Buzz 2017

Hello guys, welcome to our April-May Buzz! After the 5 weeks where the Opens took place, we were all ready for the very popular wine tour! A jolly good time was had and we cannot wait for next year's! In May, we continued on with Performance Training to prepare...

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25 Apr 17 – Anzac Day Lest We Forget

ANZAC DAY - Lest We Forget WOD Choose between: AUSTRALIAN HERO WOD: WOOD 5 Rounds for Time 400m run 10x Burpee box jump 24/20" 10x Sumo Deadlift High Pull @42.5/30kg 10x Thruster *1min rest between rounds Or GALLAGHER & MACDONALD 2 Rounds 200m run 16 kettlebell...

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CrossFit Open 2017 Wrap Up

The Open 2017 has come to an End and our weekends over the month of March have been nothing but electric for everyone involved, including family and friends. As always no one else cheers louder for you as our FibreFam box members. Great appreciation to all who helped...

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FibreBuzz MAR17

Hi there! Thanks for reading our quarterly FibreBuzz!  It has been busy times since the last one, with wrapping up the big year that was 2016, getting in a well deserved break over New Year and welcoming 2017 with open arms. 2016 has been a big year in terms of...

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Fibre Turns 3

Another year older, another year stronger. Yup, 3 is a great number and we reckon there will be many more of this. Below is a video compilation of our members who helped us celebrate it. And of course we did enjoy the night out at the Rum Bar in Northbridge where we...

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How CrossFit burns Calories for Fat loss

We have all heard the term burning calories and how you need to burn calories to drop weight and body fat. Yes all of that is true, but by only using the most effective methods. CrossFit is a high intensity training program that utilises weights in its workouts....

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November 2016 PBs

In November, we embarked on our max testing and it rained PBs at Fibre. We are confident in our program, which is not only making our members fitter but also stronger. And happier! 🙂 Congratulations everyone on your achievements. You have been putting in the hard...

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FibreBuzz Sept-Oct 2016

Hello all, Thank you for your support over the last two months. It has been great to see you all pushing through your training through all the bugs going around the city. A few events have marked the last two months – namely the MegaWOD and competitions that our...

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Post Workout Recovery – Supplements

We continue with our second important post workout recovery aid which are supplements. A reminder that all 4 elements (nutrition, supplements, rest and mindset) need to come in play together for our recovery to be maximized.   2. POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS After an...

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Post Workout Recovery – Nutrition

One of the best articles we have read regarding how to best maximise recovery is from the guys at 180nutrition. For full article, click here. Below, we provide you a summary of what could be the most important aspect: Nutrition. The article points out that it is...

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FibreBuzz Aug 2016

Spring, a time for fresh starts, new beginnings and planting the seeds of change. With spring comes new resolutions. We realize summer is only 3 months away and warmer days mean less clothing and we will need to show our pale body parts. It seems we all are ready for...

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August 2016 PBs

Adele- 5 Kipping t2b Alfonso - Power Clean 45kg Brett - Clean 77.5kg Britt - Deadlift 100kg, Clean 52.5kg Catherine - Snatch 40kg Claire - Clean 65kg Clint - Clean 70kg, 3RM Clean and Jerk 60kg Dani - Clean 65kg Daniel Nin - Strict Press 55kg, Back Squat 120kg Dashiel...

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1RM Clean 31 Aug 2016

FibreFam tested the 1RM on 31 Aug 2016. And the PBs raining at the box! So, so good! Special mention to Moana Ellis for piercing into the 70kg clean club! Well done! Congratulations to all on your new 1RM Clean: Michael Rose 75kg Daniel Nin 85kg Taryn Johnston 60kg...

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July 2016 PBs

Becky - OHS 52.5kg, Bench 50kg, RDL 110kg Callum - Bench 77.5kg Claire - OHS 52.5kg, Split Jerk 65kg, Power Clean  65kg, Clean and Jerk 65kg Clint - Deadlift 110kg, Front Squat 70kg, Strict Press 45kg, RDL  100kg, Backsquat 90kg, Bench Press 50kg, OHS 55kg Dani -...

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Glute Activation Exercises to Improve your Squat

 Glute Activation Exercises for the Exerciser with “sleepy glutes”  Training with all your muscles in your legs are important. A sleepy glute will mean that you will engage and compensate more with your trapezius muscles (shoulder) and not the correct muscles. Spend...

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Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA Yin Yoga on Sunday mornings with Stephen Byrne. Yin Yoga is a quiet and meditative style of Yoga that emphasises deep stretching. Holding passive stretches for minutes at a time we intend to target the fascia, typically know as connective tissue. Dense around...

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How to Use a Weights Belt

Using a weights belt is a good thing for keeping your core tight and your spinal column straight, if you have troubles bracing your core or if you are maxing out on a very heavy weight. Using one correctly however is just as important as wearing it. If you have not...

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22 Jun 16 – Cindy

Warmup 2 Bear Crawls 2 Gecko Crawls Pec Stretch 30 Squats Strength Front Squats 5 x 10 Front Squats @ 60% WOD Cindy 20 Minute AMRAP 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Squats

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20 Jun 16 – Snatch 2RM -160619B

Warm Up Junkyard dog 10x kneeling squat jumps Snatch Tech Strength 160619 Snatch 2 rep max WOD 160619B Emom 10 minutes 3x power snatch @60% off above 2rm 2x overhead squats

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