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Before you start training at Fibre, please consider exploring the descriptions of the services below. If you have made up your mind on which sessions you would like to attend, go ahead and click on the Get Started Now button. This will bring you to our Online Sales Portal where you get to choose the location and membership packages available. Please email if you have any questions.



ActCon is our brand of movement Active Conditioning. It will use aspects from CrossFit, Body Building, Power Lifting, Strongman, Gymnastics. CrossFit is a mix of numerous different types of Fitness. The ‘Cross’ of ‘Fitness’. As simple as what many describe it to be a form of Fast Fitness or the Sport of Fitness, in essence it really is a mix of ALL the different types of Fitness under one umbrella method. CrossFit is one of the most effective methods of training that can build you immense strength and resilience.

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Redline HIIT

Redline is our version of HIIT Training. We have carefully chosen the exercises and certain types of structures that will get the best out of a 30-45minute session. The exercises are simple to pick up but demanding on the body based on the repeated sets you have to do, sometimes with added resistance or twists. Redline will challenge you from the start of your fitness journey and no matter how fit you may think you are.

Gymnastics for CrossFit

Gymnastics is about body awareness and calisthenic strength. We spend hump days working on the skills and strengths required for CrossFit. These sessions are designed to make the complicated movements in CrossFit seem easy and achievable. All Gymnastics sessions are Drop In only.

Fibre Active Weight Lifting CrossFit Fibre

Weight Lifting

In this class, we slow down the week with some drills or strength work to build maximal strength. We mainly look at derivatives of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk as these make up a majority of our barbell lifts in CrossFit. All Weight Lifting Classes are Drop In only.

Fibre Active CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids Training

Strong Kids mean a Strong Future. Many members have mentioned numerous times “if only I found CrossFit 20-30 years ago..what amazing things we could have done”. CrossFit Kids is a Pre-Teen program aimed at improving coordination, agility, and strength for our beloved little ones. If you are looking at a Fun and Progressive program for your children, come check this class out on Wednesday and Fridays during the school term.

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