Hamstring Stretch

The Hamstring Stretch is an important posterior chain stretch that needs to be part of your daily routine. It is far too common now to notice that many are very tight in this muscle structure. The effects of this is detrimental to the squat posture and causes a “butt wink” that is undesireable.
To allow a good squat, the hamstrings need to be flexible enough to allow the pelvis to be in anterior tilted and the lumbar curve maintained.
1. Raise your leg onto an elevated surface 30-50 cm.
2. Tilt your tail bone out or perk your butt out. More emphasis on this the better.
3. Lift your chest up.
4. Engage through core and move chest to the knees.
5. Hold for 2 minutes
Increased flexibility of muscle
Improved squat depth without butt wink
Different Variations of the Hamstring Stretch
Sometimes different parts of your hamstring will require a mroe specific stretch. To stretch those specific muscles, add a external rotation of your thigh or internal rotation of your thigh to focus on the particular muscle that feels tight. You may also add these to your stretching.
If you are still not feeling the stretch, adjust your posture, in particular your hips tilting them to the front and lifting your chest up higher. You can also try straightening your knees a little more. Do not let the knees lock out, keep it bent. Hold for up to 2 minutes.