Angry Cat Happy Dog

The Angry Cat and Happy Dog is a movement to mobilise your spinal column. There is a high chance that we spend a lot of our time in awkward postures during the day without much movement. With that in mind, this exercise allows us to keep our spinal column mobile and moving so that our muscle structures do not seize up and cause unwanted aches and pains.
1. Come into Four Point Kneeling, with palms under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.
2. Angry Cat – Initiate movement from your pelvis, tuck your tail bone under and continue lifting your spine to the ceiling. Raise your middle back up to the ceiling and then look to your belly button.
3. Happy Dog – Start from your hips, perk your hips up and hyperextend your spine until you can see the ceiling.
4. Move slowly and use your deep core muscles to move.
5. Perform each movement up to 10 times.
Moves and unlocks tightness in the spinal column and muscle structures around
Mobilises lower back and reduces stiffness
Allows movement in the spinal column
Neutral Four Point Kneel
Angry Cat Sretch
Happy Dog Stretch
These sequence can be performed in a seated position, but best to be performed in the four point kneeling position to unload the spine through vertical loading.