This is a reference guide for all athletes.

Mobility is important to your athletic performance. Mobility is your ability to move and is determined by the flexibility of your muscles surrounding the moving joint. Often times a restriction in your mobility is directly related to your muscle tightness, but sometimes it is our diverse anatomy that is inhibiting your mobility. There are various other factors that may affect mobility and flexibility but this page will be a reference point for you to improve your mobility using various methods of stretching.

Refer to the list below for your own body maintenance. Work on something everyday. It is your responsibility to be do something every day to improve your movements so that you reduce your risk of injury in the box. Your body will love you for it. It is also very therapeutic to spend some “me” time maintaining your own body.

You will find that there is a difference in between the pre and post WOD stretching. Pre-WOD stretching will predominantly be range of motion type stretching which is a more active and dynamic form of stretching which requires the athlete to actively move body parts through a specific range of motion to increase warmth and blood flow to that specific area.

Always perform a warm up prior to the stretches. Do not perform these cold. Sometimes there will be a need to perform certain static stretches prior to the WOD but care must be taken to ensure that performance is not affected with the stretch and more for a biomechanical advantage. Please check with your coach.

Daily Stretching
Squat Stretch
Weighted Ankle Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Angry Cat/ Happy Dog
Stick Rotator Cuff Stretch
Wall Tricep Stretch

Ankle Rolls
High Knee Raises
Leg Swings
Medial Leg Swings
Trunk Twists
Shoulder Circles

Post WOD
Foot Stretch
Calf Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch
Hip Opener
Quad Stretch
Abdominal Stretch
Pec Stretch
Wrist Stretch

Post WOD Foam Roller
Spinal Re-alignment
Lat Roll
Glute Roll
TFL Roll
Quad Roll
Calf Roll

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