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Beginner Classes

Our beginner classes suit all levels of fitness and experience. A slower paced class with more instruction, coaches on staff to watch you like a hawk. In these classes you will learn the basic moves of weight lifting and be put through some general strength and conditioning.

Beginner Classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm and go for 1 hour.

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CrossFit Fibre Fundamentals Classes

Fibre Fundamentals

Our Fundamentals Program is suitable for all fitness levels and beginner exercisers. We will look at how to prepare your body for CrossFit classes. In this Program we also get to determine what your physical limitations are, if there any and will also give you some homework to do to improve your movements for crossFit.

With our Fundamentals program, you will learn all the basic barbell movements that are essential to a classic CrossFit class and we will constantly review your technique and progress at the box to ensure that you will have a truly excellent experience in CrossFit with us at Fibre.

What You Will Learn


Never done CrossFit? No Worries! We will have you learning all the necessary movements in CrossFit in 3 hours. After that, we will continue to improve your newly learnt skills in our Beginner Classes.

Fundamentals 1:
-Housekeeping, Box Rules, What is CrossFit, Preparation
-Warm Up
-Squats: Air Squats, Front Squats, Overhead Squats
-Clean: Power Clean, Full Clean
-Mobility Options for above movements
-Press: Strict Press, Push Press, Jerk Press, Split Jerk,
-Clean and Jerk: Push Jerk, Split Jerk
-First CrossFit Workout
-Stretch Down & Wrap Up

Next Fundamentals Intake:

By Appointment:  9am (2 hours, 6 Spots), $150$50 per person

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Cannot make those times?

No worries! Get in contact and we can organize some Private Fundamentals Classes when you are available. We may be able to accelerate your learning depending on your experiences and get your started immediately.

Not a Greenie?

Maybe you are already in the gym, or have been training with a Personal Trainer or workout with someone who does similar sort of training. If this is you, get in touch and we can take a look at your movements with a barbell and suggest the best class for you to begin with. We run Beginner classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm where you can try crossFit at a slower pace.

Your safety and enjoyment is paramount to us.

Fundamentals Testimonials

Yeah the class was very good and was really important to practice the key moves in lifting. I think it’s important for people who are just starting to get familiar with the movements in lifting.

David Major

Great course, loved tying up the theory with the practice.

Henry Vu

I loved the fundamentals classes because we were all in the same boat learning together, and the fact the classes were small the coach was able to keep an eye on us and guide us through each exercise. I’m loving crossFit! =)

Ana Carolina

Fundamentals in general is a great way to start/be introduced to crossFit,… Coach Bjorn deserves nothing less than a 10

Franco Springford