Luuwi Huynh

CrossFit Fibre Luuwi Huynh

Luuwi is our hulking beast and box safety tips man. His tatts look menacing, but he is a very warm person with very strong family values. Luuwi attacks all his wods with heart and tenacity. You will hear the occasional war cry coming from where he is standing followed by the ground shaking thud when his weights hit the floor.
Luuwi’s achievements include 2nd place in the November 2014 Three v Three showdown Beginner Men with team Maddawgs, 9th place Beginner Men in the 2015 Riverside Jam comp, 200kg deadlift, 80kg snatch clean and 107kg CnJ. Luuwi, we immensely love your presence and hard work whenever you are at the box. Keep it up and stay motivated. Thanks for sharing a snippet of who you are with us.

Tell us a bit more about yourself..
Hi my name is Luuwi Huynh, 27 years old, a mechanic by trade. Nationality is Vietnamese born in Australia. Something you don’t know about me… I used to smoke cigarettes for about 8 years and I tend to party too hard on weekends. And I always try to do the right thing, but stuff happens.

Who & what inspires you?
Healthy & hardworking people inspire me. Jessica’s dad inspires me, he is a saint. Jessica dad is 73yrs old and still works full time and he has the nicest heart to everyone including the pets that me and Jess have dumped on him. Sometimes he’s too nice and is the one to lose out, which annoys me cause I don’t like to lose out! Hence he inspires me to be a better person and have a kinder heart. Shit listen to me I must be getting old hahah

Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?
I can cook basic meals. My favourite dish is steak and chips with beer at the pub, ice cream & my favorite dish to cook is roast pork belly and sweet potato. I’m only new to cooking but now I just got my own kitchen where it’s all trial and error.

I can cook rice and I love eating meat so I mainly use the frying pan to fry whatever meat then it’s just experimenting with herbs and spices, like I said it’s very new to me.

Me and Jessica are busy with work and training so we were eating out like 5 times a week but now we have a house with our new mortgage to pay for, so less eating out and more time in the kitchen.

I love pub food because hanging out with good mates catching up talking shit, drinking good beer is my relaxing peace out time, with that comes all that pub food which is not good for me. So that’s why I train to balance out a healthy lifestyle I think… However my favourite cheat meal has to be steak and chips with a nice pint, hands down.

I love all/most ice cream ,but really I just like cold/icey things so my new craze/treat is frozen yoghurt chocolate flavour with crushed peanuts & almonds.

Describe your ideal day?
My ideal day would be to wake up whenever I want, take my dog for a walk and go out for lunch with friends then train at CrossFit Fibre before dinner.

What has CrossFit done for you?
CrossFit Fibre has made me stronger & fitter for the past year & has kept me at a healthy weekly routine to keep my body in shape & also allows me to eat whatever I want without worrying about gaining unnecessary weight. CrossFit gives me the strength to aspire to do things that I thought were un-achievable.CrossFit when I first started a year ago I loved testing my strengths with the new moves I learnt e.g. full cleans. I think it was like 70kg, week by week I was getting lots of PB’s and loving it.
I told Bjorn that my goal is to Clean n Jerk 100kgs – I think it was around Xmas time I hit my goal. Feeling great and strong. But now it’s rarely getting PB’s now if it’s 1kg more I’m taking it and honking that horn, shit gets heavy. I thought I’d never get muscle ups just couldn’t get over that bar so annoying… But mid August I got over and up. Happy days!

What is your favourite wod?
My favourite wods are Grace & Isabel

Burpees or Chin-ups ?

What do you like most about Crossfit Fibre?
I like the people at Crossfit Fibre, the coaches, the friendly family like environment.

Any final thoughts?
I love coming to the box to train every week, I feel it balances the good and bad in my life. If I wasn’t at the box training I would probably be at the pub 4 days a week drinking beer and eating wedges and getting heavy.

Matt Luuwi CrossFit Fibre