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Member of the Month – Kym Dabrowski

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CF Fibre - Kym DabrowskiCF Fibre - K Dabrowski

Kym is a third of the Texas Rangers – Get More Shit – a powerhouse team that placed 4th in their second intermediate team comp in the November 2016 3v3 showdown from a 25th position in June 2016! Kym is also one of our most improved athletes over 2016 – she boasts impressive lifts of: 135kg Deadlift, 72.5kg Clean and 70kg CnJ! It is with absolute pleasure that we are featuring her as our Member of the Month.

Consistent, hard work and resilient, Kym is a regular 6am’er and will not miss the weekly Weightlifting and Gymnastics classes. Never one to give up in the face of a challenge – and we learn below that stems from her personality – she does not like excuses and will not definitely not make any for herself. Instead she will be hungrier to overcome the challenge and will spend hours working towards her goals.

Not only a committed athlete, Kym is one of the warmest member at the box and always has time for everybody. She is encouraging, helpful and just a great person to be around.

Kym – thank you for who you are and what you bring to Fibre. We love having you at the box.

  • Tell us a bit about you?

I’m a mum of 2. I am a thinker and have a hard time relaxing (that’s what Crossfit is for apparently). I really love my rock n roll and music in general. I love numbers and statistics and remember a lot of useless info including your PBs. I try and set a good social example to my kids and involve myself in community and school volunteer work. I get really excited about travelling.

  • Who and what inspires you?

Lots of people in the box for different values I admire such as dedication, integrity, work ethic and the ability to not take this whole Crossfit thing too seriously all the time.

  • Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?

I can cook but I go through phases of inspiration or it feels like a chore. I make a really good sweet chicken curry and my family loves my lasagna though I don’t eat much gluten so that sucks for me.

  • How would you describe your ideal day?

Getting an early WOD in, going home, coffee and going back to bed with no interruptions sounds pretty good. Someone would bring me food in bed.

What made you start CrossFit? I used to do boot camp with a bunch of crazy bishes then our pink haired trainer got her L1 and slowly & sneakily morphed us into Crossfit devotees.

  • What has CrossFit done for you?

Crossfit physically has changed my health and strength for the better. Most importantly my mental health has improved massively as well as my self confidence/body image. I would never have worn booty shorts in my 20s, I was too shy! Another bonus is all the fabulous friends I’ve made over the last few years, I’m very lucky.

  • What is your favourite WOD?

Grace though I feel sick when it comes up, it hurts. Annie I would do every day if it didn’t make my butt so raw.
Burpees or Chin Ups? Chin ups for sure 🌸

  • What has been your biggest achievement so far?

In Crossfit? Turning up consistently when it’s cold, dark, early and raining to smash it out and get that endorphin rush. I don’t like excuses from anyone especially myself, so I get it done no matter what.

  • What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?

Well the people mostly, I always feel welcome and try and return that sentiment to other members. I love to see people achieve their goals and share their triumphs with each other. So nice!

  • If you were to design a WOD for the coach, what would it be?

I’d program the beep test and upon failure immediately into a heavy Karen (plus weights vest optional/not really optional). I’m resting that day.

  • What are your CrossFit goals?

I really want to improve my open ranking each year, to break the top 10 in my age category and the top 100 in the state. Mainly to prove to myself that the hard work is worth the pain and it’s a good indicator of my fitness. I have goals for particular movements such as to improve my snatch technique and eventually get a muscle up.