Callum Musson


Callum first strikes you with his good looks, but you then realise there is a lot more to this young fella than his appearance. At the box 5 times a week and often there at open gym times, Callum’s hard work and determination are paying off. Not a stranger to competitions, this year he stepped up his game at the Nov 2015 3v3 comptition and placed at a notable 12th position with his team Tunes Squad! When he is not hanging off the bar or the rings, Callum is often seen chatting away with members. His camaraderie, humour and willingness to help out make Callum an invaluable member of Fibre. It is a pleasure nominating you as Member of the Month Cal. We love having you at the box mate and we look forward to what the new year will bring to you, both in and out of the box!

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
Well I’ve worked in Government for 8 years in Procurement. I’ve got a sports background of Football, Cricket & Athletics (not good at any of them), I’ve been at CrossFit for about 18 months now I think and slowly getting better however I’m a bit of a nomad and tend to go an travel for months at a time which often hampers my training, this year alone I’ve been gone for about 3 and bit months the countries I’ve been to this year are Mexico, Ecuador (including Galapagos), Peru, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea & Japan. I love a good laugh and sharing a beer or two J

Who and what inspires you?
I’m inspired mainly by people at the Box it’s been such a privilege to see people develop and hit goals and PB’s and perform so well in competitions

Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?
I’m a breakfast specialist, I cook a pretty mean scrambled eggs with spinach & smoked salmon. Outside of that I’m not big in the kitchen I enjoy going out for food more than making it myself

How would you describe your ideal day?
Get a big breakfast from a nice café, then after that’s settled fit a cheeky WOD in and off to the swan valley to visit some breweries

What has CrossFit done for you?
CrossFit has given me a sense of community and belonging, getting to box each day really gives me a lift and I’m always happy to come in and see what Bjorn has planned and then watch peoples reactions to the WOD

What is your favourite WOD?
Eva – 5 Rounds for time, 800m Run, 30 KB swings & 30 pull ups

Burpees or Chin Ups?
Chin Ups all fucking day over Burpees

What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?
The camaraderie and friendship that goes on, it never ceases to amaze me and how awesome our members are, that people are generally more excited about other people hitting PB’s then their own! It’s an amazing feeling and great to watch, I think a positive environment is so important

Thanks to all my mates at the box, I enjoy joking around with you all and seeing you succeed. Thanks to Bjorn for the great programming and coaching and making Fibre such a positive environment to be involved with!