Audrey and Richie Clancy

CF Fibre Richie

If you have not met Richie and Audrey yet, they are such a lovely couple and once you get to know them they truly have a heart of gold and we have plenty of time for them here at Fibre. Both have been at Fibre for just over 2 years now, they have participated in a number of team competitions – Richie is part of the famous Green Machines and most recently, Audrey has kindly joined the 5pm bitches when they were short one team member last year! A few accolades between the 2 of them, Richie placed 2nd at Frantic Day Out 2 – Intermediate division whilst Audrey placed 3rd in Fibre’s inhouse competition Fibre Face Off!

Let’s learn a bit more about them!

  • Tell us a bit about you?

Well, where to start? We moved to Australia four years ago and we have been very lucky to have settled in so well. Moving was massive for us and we didn’t have many friends here, which always makes things harder. Starting out in a new place requires you to put yourself out there and to try new things in order to meet people and that’s what we did.

We would always have tried to keep active and we were open minded about trying new things. We have both tried different gyms, boot camps and classes in order to try and keep fit, but nothing has hooked us quite like Crossfit. Richie was addicted first and insisted that I try it. He was right, (just this once) and I too was hooked, after a short time.

  • Who and what inspires you?

Richie: Everyone at the box. We are all there to do our best and it’s inspiring to see how we really come together to support and encourage one another when we are trying to achieve the best we can.

Audrey: No offence fellas but, all of the Crossfit Fibre ladies really inspire me!! For me, watching people I know reach targets and achieve personal goals is more inspiring than seeing athletes on tv. At CF, I know these girls and I can relate to them. I see the blood, sweat, tears, the effort and the hard work that goes with reaching personal goals. To not only witness them hitting targets, but also doing so with smiles on their faces (eventually J ) gives me great self-belief that I too can achieve, if I put my mind to it.

  • Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?

Audrey: Yes, I try. If I couldn’t, I don’t think we would have got married!!

Richie: Yes, but I don’t have much time to.

  • Favourite Dishes:

Richie & Audrey: Homemade roast chicken dinner.

  • How would you describe your ideal day?

Audrey: Coming home to a clean house with no cooking to do!

Richie: To be able to eat, sleep and train.

  • What made you start CrossFit?

Audrey: Richie made me.

Richie: I was bored of a normal gym and wanted to really challenge myself.

  • What has CrossFit done for you?

Crossfit has changed our lives. We could never have envisaged how much CrossFit has helped us both to grow, physically and personally. It is so much more than ‘exercise’ or ‘working out’ for both of us. CF has not only helped us become fitter and stronger, it has helped us to develop our confidence, resilience when under pressure and self-belief. One of the first things we learned at CF was ‘I can’t’ isn’t an option and this is very true. It’s an expression that assists us in order areas of life too. We can achieve great results, when we work hard and put our minds to it. CF highlights this nearly every day, as we see others achieving PB’s and replacing the ‘I can’t, yet!’ with ‘I just did!! What’s next??

  • What is your favourite WOD?

Richie: Fran

Audrey: Annie

  • Burpees or Chin Ups?

Richie: Chin Ups

Audrey: Burpees

  • What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?

The community. For us, Crossfit Fibre is home away from home. We love working out with our friends, and having the support of not only the coaches, but support from everyone who pushes us to achieve the next level of fitness. There are evenings/days when we are driving to CF, both feeling tired or stressed and not really feeling up to facing a WOD, but once we step inside the box, our moods change. It’s not only the WOD’s that help us to feel better, but the coaches and the people who also bring a smile to our faces.

  • If you were to design a WOD for the coach, what would it be?

Richie is answering this one.

AMRAP 15 Minutes

Deadlift @ 95% 1RM X 3

C2B X 5

Squat Jump x 8

Burpee Over Bar x 10

  • What are your CrossFit goals?

Richie: Butterfly C2B and Snatch 90Kg

Audrey: I have so many, I don’t think I could list them all :)

  • Any final thoughts?

Just a thank you to Jess, Bjorn, Dani and all of the coaches at CrossFit Fibre. Apart from being at home, we spend most of our time at the ‘box’ and it really is our second home in Australia. Thanks Crossfit Fibre we have most definitely made some friends for life.

An Irish Blessing

There are good ships and wood ships,

Ships that sail the sea,

But the best ships are


May they always be!

CF Fibre Audrey