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A community does not and cannot stand on one person but all its people. When you join a CrossFit box, you are also joining in a community of people with similar goals, mindsets and needs as you. They all want to get fit, lose weight, put on muscles, find a place where they can de-stress, meet new people and socialise.

We are about working out together as we believe this creates a bond among individuals sharing the same hardships and rewards of completing a workout. We are about celebrating each other – we celebrate each other’s PBs, achievements, we celebrate each other after EVERY workout with a fist pump, we encourage each other to be the best we can be.

Make friends – as you partake in classes and meet the same people, you will make friends and with our social events and outings, we get to meet others from different class times to foster the community and inclusive aspect of our box.

Immerse yourself into the environment of our community by being a part of it. Be willing to give as much as you take. Read, promote, comment and compliment. Ask yourself how am I adding value to our community? How can I add a small but positive contribution to someone else’s life, everyday? Give a compliment without expecting any in return. If you do, be grateful and thankful for it. Give and you shall receive.

Be respectful to one another. Your achievements in the gym does not define you as a person, it is how you treat everyone else in the Community. Understand what is going on in someone else’s lives. Accept that you cannot influence the outcome, but possible the thoughts of another person through reason.

As much as the coaches have roles, so does our community. We are there for one another and that starts the second you walk through those roller doors. Be part of the vibe and the tribe. Encourage, Motivate and Inspire others around you.

Fibre Manifesto

We BELIEVE that everyone comes to the gym for his or her own personal reasons.

We BELIEVE that change will only happen if you are willing to work for it.

We BELIEVE that our box is a judgment free space.

We BELIEVE that ego is your biggest downfall.

We BELIEVE that you need to believe in yourself.

We BELIEVE that Wellness is a Way of Life.

We BELIEVE in fair competition.

We BELIEVE that PeeBees do not define you as a person.

We BELIEVE in eating good quality foods that will nourish your soul.





CF Fibre Mietta MOM1

CF Fibre Mietta MOM

• Tell us a bit about you?
Wow I feel a bit like a celebrity, this must be my 5 minutes of fame 🙂
I’m a Kiwi, living in Australia, with an Italian first name and a French surname 😛
I moved to Australia when I was 17 with my mum and younger brother. I have a fur baby called Bonny, I love a good laugh and dancing makes me happy. I’m usually one of the last left at the end of a night out because it takes me so long to say ‘Goodbye’ to everyone, which I know Josh loves… ha-ha

• Who and what inspires you?
I am inspired by people, experiences and compliments.
I love seeing before and after shots, I love hearing stories about others achieving things they never thought they could and I love watching PBs (The look is priceless).
There are so many #BossBabes in our box that I am inspired by, from wanting to keep up with Jess & Karo to partnering with Tash knowing we will push each another. Training with mums and nanas gives me faith that I have a long CrossFit career ahead of me 😛
I decided that this year I would focus on me, working to be the best version of myself. Not to sound vein but getting compliments from friends has inspired me to keep going with my journey and I am really grateful to everyone for this. A passing comment can make a huge difference!
Whether you are doing Beginner or RX it really doesn’t matter, if you are giving it your all you will inspire others.

• Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?
I am the primary chef in our household. I love a good kitchen sesh, I’ll chuck on some tunes and get out the cook books.
I have so many, Zucchini Pasta, Beef Cheeks and Peri Peri Chicken with Avo Mash to name a few

• How would you describe your ideal day?
Wake up when my body is ready, get a coffee with Josh, head to the beach with a good book, lunch with friends then finish off with a good sweaty WOD!

• What made you start CrossFit?
I was introduced to CrossFit by an old work Colleague whose son had just partnered with 2 others and started their own club. He knew I went to the gym and rode to work so he thought I might be interested.
The first WOD I ever did was on Australia Day, it was upwards of 35degrees and it was a mile run….. I still don’t know why I went back ha-ha

• What has CrossFit done for you?
So many things!!
– Definitely friendships, I can’t think of a day where I haven’t spoken to someone from the box. It’s a great feeling getting to see your best friends nearly every day!
– Crossfit (Bjorn & Jess) has pushed me outside my comfort zone so many times that I now do things others think are crazy, this has built my confidence and self-belief.
– I have developed a love and appreciation for fitness. A new understanding of my body and realised good things take time, dedication and practice.
– I can 100% say that CrossFit has improved my mental health!

• What is your favourite WOD?
Annie (I nearly beat Josh!), DT or a good chipper like Filthy 50 (Call me cray cray). I also really enjoy Redline classes, they have helped me so much with my cardio and my endurance for CrossFit WODs.

• Burpees or Chin Ups?
Chin Ups. When I found of how many burpees it took to work off my small Easter egg I nearly cried!

• What have been your biggest achievements so far?
Life – Buying our own home at 24, traveling the world, being engaged to my College crush
Health & Fitness – Walking the Cinque Terra trail in 33degree heat, completing my first ever Crossfit competition, going 5 months without Nutella!
Schooling – Being awarded the Vocational DUX student for 2007 at Churchlands SHS and achieving an Advanced Grade 7 in Speech and Drama with Trinity College London
Social – Uploading my first Instagram photo 2 months ago
• What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?
I remember the first time I walked into CrossFit Fibre, I had no idea what to expect and was really nervous. Turns out I had nothing to worry about, I was welcomed like an old friend.
I love the family atmosphere we have at Fibre. I love that we all cheer for and support each other. I love that I feel safe, comfortable and am surrounded by people who believe in me. I love hearing laughter before I even get to the front door. And I feel like the addition of the basketball hoop will contribute greatly to our team building 😛 Thanks Stoji!

• If you were to design a WOD for the coach, what would it be?
Something involving Hang Power Cleans, Double Unders, KB swings and Push Press

• What are your CrossFit goals?
A HSPU, a Chest to Bar, to master the butterfly kip, 150DU’s in a row, body weight Back Squat, run 1.1km without stopping or walking & being able to write RX next to my score more than once a month!

• Any final thoughts?
This is the first thing, fitness wise, that I have stuck with for this long. I’ll be celebrating 4 years at CrossFit Fibre in February. “I already know what giving up looks like, I want to see what happens when I don’t!”
I am truly grateful to Jess and Bjorn for what they have created at CrossFit Fibre, because without it I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people who really brighten my day. Thanks guys! Cheers to the future!


Only 3 teams participating this time round in the Domain Stadium Three Vs Three Showdown. Epic venue organised by Jaimie for the competition but unfortunately not many teams could make the event.

Nevertheless, we had a couple of first timers heading into the competition and getting their first blood of the competition.

Mietta Tash Emily CrossFit Fibre

CrossFit Fibre Jake George Marek

Kym Deb CrossFit Fibre Emily CrossFit FibreMietta CrossFit Fibre Marek CrossFit Fibre

Beg Men 3v3 Domain CrossFit Fibre Beg Women 3v3 Domain Stadium CrossFit FibreIntermediate Women 3v3 Domain Stadium CrossFit Fibre

Team TME finishing 21st position, the boys Marek, Jake and George coming in at 11th position, awesome work guys!

All props to the Intermediate Women’s Team who did an amazing job to finish 7th overall in a very competitive pool.

Inspiring to see them all in action. The 3v3 is a great competition to get your taste in competing locally. Get a couple of your mates together and get training for the next one in June-ish, one of the first ones in Winter.



Coach Wendy went on a trip back home to Malaysia to celebrate her dad’s 70th and whilst she was there, entered the Hopper Warrior and went on to dominate and win the competition!

Wendy Hopper Warrior 1a CrossFit Fibre

Wendy Hopper Warrior 2a CrossFit Fibre

Wendy pulled a 1RM Snatch at 56.69kgs. The competition hosted by CrossFit Pahlawan saw some tough conditions with the humidity and strong competitors including an Aussie athlete living in Malaysia. Nevertheless, another international competition we could look to. Wendy will have to return next year to defend her crown. Awesome work Wendy!

And to pull a double she cleaned up at the RFX Rumble in the Jungle with housemate Candace Price. Wendy absolutely living up to her name of Micro-Beast!

Wendy RFX CrossFit Fibre

Wendy 2 RFX CrossFit Fibre

Keep up the hard work Wendy, so proud of you and your efforts. Your Hard Work is really paying off. Winner-winner-chicken dinner and **cough**ice cream**cough** for you!



CF Fibre Spartan Race1

CF Fibre Spartan Race2

What you need to know before doing the race! 

At the start line, as we grouped up for one last motivation hug, Matt shouted that our motto for the day was ‘no man left behind.’ Love it Matt! AROO!

Off we went, running up the hills. We were met with our first ‘obstacle’: crossing some water creek and our shoes and socks got wet within the first 5 minutes. We were laughing, high on adrenaline! Up the hill we kept going. And we continued for a long time. Up then down the hills, through the fields, we ran and jogged and walked. Along the way, we had some ‘easy’ obstacles – the walls – where you had to push yourself up and climb over. Those that were too high, required team work so the lads gave me a shoulder to stand on to reach the top. Awesome team!

Together we went through our next obstacles. The level of difficulty is based on my personal experience, so doing CrossFit sessions 4-5 times a week:

  • flipping a tyre twice (Easy),
  • carrying, in one hand, a bottle filled with water, and a bag filled with sand in the other up and down the hill (quite hard but do-able),
  • carrying a round sandbag (60 lb for men, 40lb for women) up and down the hill (Easy if you go 40lb),
  • tyre dragging with a rope attached to it (super light) (piece of cake),
  • go up a very steep hill to get a ticket and down to give the ticket to show you have done that hill (moderately hard but do-able),
  • climb across a wall, with no hands not touching the top and feet not touching the floor (failed – couple of the boys managed to do it!),
  • monkey rings (failed, boys did it),
  • jumping on planks in the creek to get to the other side (failed, more scared to jump on the plank face down than anything),
  • rope traverse (did halfway, then was too tired to keep going)
  • up a cargo net and down (easy)
  • up a monkey hang and down (easy)
  • sliding down a mud creek, full body in the mud to past a wall to the other side, climbing up the slippery mud hill, then finishing on in a clay creek (the most disgusting and the most laughs of the day). Required lots of team work! (slippery but fun!!!)
  • Swimming on cargo nets in a deep creek (requires swimming) (easy for swimmers).

Our legs were pretty tired when we got to the bulk of the obstacles, from all the hill sprints and walking / jogging. Doug has been struggling with the hills from start, then started cramping when he got to the tyre drag and really badly again 4km before finish line. At that point in time, he decided he was not going to be able to finish the race and Matt and Bjorn helped him out of the trail to safety. Matt also decided to not finish, after his calves had also cramped up earlier.

From 7 to 5, we crossed the finished line, well exhausted, hungry, sunburnt but happy! The mud ‘obstacle’ had put a smile on our face!


  • Endurance training is required, at least 2 months prior to event. Endurance training means getting some volume in the legs, whether it be hills sprints / running, squats, metcons. Personally I have only been training at the box (Which included some 1.1km run) and I had no cramps.
  • Hydrate and feed properly before the event. Going into the event (Especially 14km) on an empty stomach is not recommended! The race will take you at least 3.5 hours so come lunch time you will be hungry, grumpy and mostly like not enjoying the course anymore. Make sure to have a big breakfast in the morning.
  • Bring sunscreen and electrolytes in a small bag if you can. I got sunburnt on my back and shoulders (nothing too drastic but still). They do not provide sunscreen anywhere along the course.
  • There are water and electrolytes (sponsored by True Protein) stations along the course.
  • You can sit out an obstacle if you do not feel comfortable doing them! You get a 30 burpees penalty.
  • For every obstacle that you try and fail, there is a 30 burpees penalty.

I do strongly recommend doing Spartan for the experience! 14km definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone, physically and mentally. Sounds familiar? YES? You can!



CF Fibre Redline CF Fibre Redline1

We introduced a new class, Redline, in February this year and it has been a refreshing addition to the timetable, finding itself many hardcore fans 🙂

What exactly is Redline?

Redline incorporates a training technique where the individual gives 100 % effort through quick, intense bursts of activity – our preferred work-rest formula is 45:15. This allows you to maintain your heart rate at a higher level throughout the session. This work-rest formula pushes the body to burn more fat and build more lean muscle mass than when exercising at a steady pace.

Why is it good for you? 

HIIT workouts provide similar fitness benefits as continuous endurance workouts, but in shorter periods of time. This is because HIIT workouts tend to burn more calories than traditional workouts, especially after the workout. The post-exercise period is called “EPOC”, which stands for excess postexercise oxygen consumption. This is generally about a 2-hour period after an exercise bout where the body is restoring itself to pre-exercise levels, and thus using more energy. Because of the vigorous contractile nature of HIIT workouts, the EPOC generally tends to be modestly greater, adding about 6 to 15% more calories to the overall workout energy expenditure.

Studies have shown that with HIIT, there is a dramatic improvement in exercise performance despite the low training volume. Many people report significant health benefits such as weight loss, improved muscular strength and overall improvement in aerobic fitness compared to longer sustained workouts.

From a mental perspective, many find a HIIT workout less challenging than going at a steady pace for a longer time, because it only requires short periods of going full-ball with plenty of chances to recharge, catch your breath and get ready to go again. It also requires less energy to recover as you are not lifting heavy. HIIT training can easily be modified for people of all fitness levels.

How often should you do Redline? 

HIIT workouts are more exhaustive than steady state endurance workouts.

The intense level of training performed during a HIIT session means your body has to draw in more oxygen afterwards to repair itself, forcing the metabolism to work harder for hours, even up to a couple of days after a high-intensity interval workout.

This means it’s not necessary to do a HIIT workout every day: you’ll get just as good results by alternating between a HIIT one day and a LISS (low-intensity sustained state) the next. Research has shown that interval training like sessions in HIIT will improve your cardiovascular capacity, speed and strength.

Start with one HIIT class a week, then as you feel ready for more challenge, add a second HIIT workout a week, making sure you spread the HIIT workouts throughout the week. We recommend 3 sessions a week at most.

Our Redline classes run Monday 5pm, Wednesday 6am and Saturday 9am and costs $15 a session!



3 Athletes participated in the CrossFit LiftOff in November. Keith McKinney, Maea Nin and Bjorn Voon.

The CrossFit Liftoff comprised of 2 Weight Lifting lifts and 1 workout. The Snatch, Clean and Jerk and a 12min AMRAP workout.

Maea Nin 1 LiftOff CrossFit Fibre Maea Nin 2 LiftOff CrossFit Fibre

Maea Nin Boys (14-15), Snatch 57.3kg(PB), Clean and Jerk 70kg(PB), Sinclair 141.7, WOD 149 reps.

Keith Red LiftOff CrossFit Fibre Keith Red 2 LiftOff CrossFit Fibre

Keith McKinney (Open), Snatch 80kg, Clean and Jerk 110kg.

Bjorn Voon LiftOff CrossFit Fibre Bjorn Voon 2 LiftOff CrossFit Fibre

Bjorn Voon (Masters 35-39, 68-75kg), Snatch 87.5kg(PB, 11th Worldwide, 1st Australia), Clean and Jerk 110kg(12th Worldwide, 1st Australia), Sinclair 251.3 (13th Overall Worldwide, 3rd Overall Australia)

The beauty of the Liftoff is that it is separated into Age Groups and Weight Divisions and they calculated the your overall standing position based on the Sinclair Method, which showed how strong you were based on your weight and age. A level playing field for crossfitters who are pound for pound strong in their particular weight division. Ideally this is how the CrossFit Games should be panned out, separated into weight division so that the True Fittest can be determined. Although that could mean much more of a logistical nightmare for them.

Next year we expect to see more members partake in the November Liftoff series. It is a simple set up, fun and actually quite tiring.



CrossFit Fibre PeeBee Oct Nov 2017

Congratulations to all the Peebees on the board.  Your hard work and perseverance will always pay off in the end. A notable to Kym with the Bar Muscle Up! This is a great little milestone here to achieve gymnastically! Fantastic work.

Not much testing was done in this month, but we have done so for December already, so look out for those ones, the PeeBee board is already three quarters full! Look out in the New Year when we retest after going through the Strength Cycle. Consider this one week off as a “DeLoad week”, to give the CNS and the muscles a bit of a rest before we retest those numbers again.


CrossFit Fibre Shirt Front 2017CrossFit Fibre Shirt Back 2 2017
We have some new designs out now and they are fresh! On it a revamped logo which highlights Fibre the brand. On the white shirts, they look bright and the fabric is a beautiful cotton that feels great if you love working out with cotton shirts. On the back we have our Values and motto to remind you and everyone around you of what you stand for. The shirts are Uni-sex and are $30 each.
CrossFit Fibre Girl Shirts

And for the ladies, we have a charcoal singlet with the new logo placed vertically to the side on the front. They are $25 each and available now. Get in touch with us to get your awesome gear today!



In this quarter, we see the departure of 2 of our coaching staff, Kelvin and Dani. We would also like to wish the both of them all the best in your future endeavours. Thank you for your time and service at Fibre. Much love to you both.




A huge Congratulations to Coach Dash and Coach Kym who underwent the CFL1 Certification and are now certified in the art of CrossFit. Both Dash and Kym will now undergo mentoring and skill development to assist and coach classes at Fibre.

Coach D CrossFit Fibre

Coach Kym CrossFit Fibre



So we had a basket ball hoop put up after 2 years of umming and ahhing, thanks to Stoji for the quick plug into the wall. And to make full use of it, for December, we had Beer, BBQ and Balls after 7pm and the BBQ got some use after sitting in the corner for a while. Been a few great little cool nights, perfect for a bit of down time, hoop shooting and lamb on the barbie.

CrossFit Fibre Beer BBQ Balls

Cant wait for Friday Night Lights for a whole month during the Open. And that is always fun. Look out for it. Book out your diaries Feb 22 to Mar 26 2018



We celebrated our 4th birthday on the 2nd December at Refuge Small Bar. As usual, we had a wonderful evening with you all. Everyone looked amazing! Thank you all for another unforgettable evening.

Thank you Dave and the team at Refuge for hosting us – you have a great venue, food and drinks on offer! We loved it.

Thank you Nancy from Nancy Hannah Photography for the images, third year in a row – fantastic images as usual! We love your work.

CF Fibre 4th Birthday Party



Beautiful weekend and an out of the box event. Managed to book multiple Olympian Amber Webster for a Row on the River. 8 ladies went on a little mission on the river on a boat steered by Amber at the cox. Rowing 8 is a long boat with 8 persons, each holding on and rowing 1 oar. The movement is very leg driven as with rowing on the C2, but you need to sync with the other 7 of your team mates to make it down the river in a straight line.

We have a couple more of these in the new year and it would be great to see the other 2 boats will up. Rowing on the river in sync with your mates is far more interesting and a little bit more different than on the C2. The ladies even caught a glimpse of dolphins swimming around.

Pretty sure the boys are keen as to slap oars and ready as to charge down the river. The ladies had a wonderful time on the river and came back pumped and rejuvenated after a little out of the box event.


Rowing8 - CrossFit Fibre - Perth

Rowing8b - CrossFit Fibre



We also made some time to stroll outside in the Kalamunda Hills at Rocky Pool. A 5km loop of hills and rivers. Early in the morning and just before the sun got warm. The hike description made it sound like it was hella tough, “people getting lost”, “lost in the woods”, but we had some very good map readers and hash house harriers who were excellent in reading the shadows of the sun and successfully navigated us out of the thick woods.

The walk was challenging, a bit sweaty, felt a little burn in the legs, but not at all hard. Totally recommended for anyone keen to smell some fresh air and enjoy a bit of outdoors. Also a great time to connect with everyone.

A mildly sweaty morning which ended up at a Cider Brewery for a lunch and a couple of ciders. Classic WA Sunday. Definitely more to come as this was peaceful and very relaxing for the mind. Perfect way to get away from the buzzing sounds of a busy city.

Hike1 CrossFit Fibre

Hike2 CrossFit Fibre

Hike3 CrossFit Fibre

Hike4 CrossFit Fibre



Goal setting is an important part of training. Understanding what you want to do and achieve will assist us with being able to serve you the best that we can. When you know exactly what you want to achieve, it is easier to make the correct decisions that will keep you accountable to achieving your goals.


Goals need to be specific and not airy-fairy. The more precise you are with what you want to achieve, the better. Ie “lose 5% Body Fat” instead of “lose weight”. You may have a few or lots. Fantastic! You just have to prioritise which one you want to achieve first.


Once you have figured out your Goals, you will now need to ask yourself the question of why you want to achieve that goal? Is it for yourself, someone else, prove to someone else, is it life or death, is it something you tried 20 years ago but have not been able to succeed in?

  • Prove my sister wrong
  • Fitter for my kids
  • Look good for my partner
  • Dr said I need to or I will die

Road Blocks

Know and understand the hindrances and possible events that would derail you from achieving your goals. What can possibly stop you dead in your tracks from achieving your goals,

  • love a good drop,
  • love watching netflix (spending your time unwisely),
  • love a good sleep in,
  • usually unmotivated.

Steps to Prevent Hindrances – Sacrifice

Sacrifice. We need to make a change to let something go in order for us to succeed. We cannot expect change if we do not want to change. We need to make a change.

  • Watch less TV
  • Reduce my Alcohol to 1 per night
  • Read a book
  • Start early, finish early and get to the gym

Write them down.

We will have paper copies of the Goal Setting Sheet available at the box for you to fill in. Please fill this in and return this sheet to us for review. Writing acts as positive reinforcement for yourself, gives you an affirmation to your conscious and subconscious mind. The universe listens.


Here is an Online form and link to the site for you to fill in your goals if you do not like writing this down on paper. We are expecting everyone at Fibre to fill in this form. Go to the link below and fill in the form.

Set yourself up for success in 2018. Let’s make it a big hairy and audacious year.



A few interesting things coming up in 2018 for you to look forward to.

  • Rowing 8 on the river with Amber Webster Boys Boat
  • Australia Day WOD & BBQ (Friday, 26 Jan)
  • Battle of the South West
  • Masters League at Raw Edge CrossFit
  • CrossFit Open (22 Feb – 26 Mar)
  • 3v3 Showdown
  • Wine Tour

We are currently putting together a list of out of the box events for the year. If you would like to see something happen with FibreFam, please feel free to email your ideas to us and we can organise something (Indoor Rock-Climbing, Indoor Surfing, Scenic Hike, Beach Wod). Yes you read it in the FibreBuzz.

Dates of Box events are currently being finalised, so stay tuned.



We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It has been a great and interesting year and we look forward to a bigger and better new year in 2018. See you all soon and bless.

Merry Christmas CrossFit Fibre

Lots of love and hugs from the


Coaching Team at Fibre

Get Started in your Fitness Journey at Fibre. Get in Contact with us today.