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Member of the Month – Glen Caton

It is with absolute pleasure that we bring to you our Member of the Month, Glen Caton. Glen is a very supportive member at the box, he comes in and is always being heard cheering everyone on mid-WOD. He also loves a good laugh and giggle with everyone. This year, Glen has also stepped out of his comfort zone by participating in his first CrossFit Open and local CrossFit comp 3v3 with teammates Clint and Daniel.  

For all those reasons, Glen we think you are an outstanding member and we want to celebrate you and what you bring to Fibre. Thank you for your contribution and presence at Fibre.

Fibre Glen c 1

CF Fibre 3v3 Glen

Fibre Glen 3

  • Tell us a bit about you?

Originally from Darwin, I came to Perth to play football what seems a long time ago. Having a brother that had already made the same move a number of years earlier made the transition easy.

I stopped playing competitive sport a number of years ago and although I then spent 7 years coaching senior football, I was in a rut. I guess having spent many years watching what I ate etc, I enjoyed and got complacent eating what I wanted and overindulging in a few ales.

  • Who and what inspires you?

A number of individuals have had a huge impact on my life but I guess the people that do it everyday is my family. I get a huge buzz witnessing the little achievements my two sons make wether it be in school, sport or life in general.

I have been at Fibre for close to 2 years now however it didn’t take long to look around at the other athletes and draw inspiration from some of the older brigade with the likes of Toni, Lou, Dan, Jeff, Fi, Dele and more recent George and then with the younger crew like Dash, Kade, Richie, Wendy and Josh really help keep the desire alive to become fitter and stronger. There are plenty more at Fibre so I guess you don’t have to look far for it.

The biggest thrill I got as a Football Coach was seeing a player improve so I guess the same applies  in watching my fellow fibre family do the same at the box.

  • Can you cook and what are your favourite dishes?

My father was a chef in the Airforce for 27 years and made a point of making sure we all knew how to look after ourselves when it comes to cooking. Favourite dishes are seafood and anything with rice.

  • How would you describe your ideal day?

Not having to worry about time and spending it with family and friends.

  • What made you start CrossFit?

A friend of mine who previously trained at Fibre.

I saw the transition he went through with his body and given I was in a rut I thought to myself why not? 

Heart disease is a huge issue amongst my family and community having lost my mum to it at a very young age and I want to make sure that I get to enjoy life for a longtime with my children. 

Having my son watch me compete in the 3v3 Comp recently and being able to look over at him when times got tough during a WOD provided a reminder as to why I’m choosing a healthier lifestyle and of course inspiration to get me through.

It was also the thing of doing something completely different that was appealing.

  • What has CrossFit done for you?

Crossfit and more specifically Fibre has done wonders for me in that it provides a platform for me to be fit and strong whilst enjoying a variation of movements and WoDS.

  • What is your favourite WOD?

They are all great, I enjoy chipper WODS so long as they don’t include Snatches and Thrusters.  Redline has been fantastic for me too given that it provides a great cardio workout and it doesn’t take long to see the benefits particularly when doing chipper WODs.

  • Burpees or Chin Ups?

Chin-ups by a mile. Done too many burpees in my previous life.

  • What do you like most about CrossFit Fibre?

The comradeship and family feel within the box. I remember when I first walked in it was a bit daunting not knowing anyone but found fibre family really accepting to new members. Huge credit needs to go to Bjorn (Bossman) and Jess for making it the place that it is.

  • If you were to design a WOD for the coach, what would it be?

I need more time to think about that but it would be a long ass chipper WOD.

  • What are your CrossFit goals?

No specific goals but to continue to turn up have a crack, improve and have fun.

  • Any final thoughts?

CrossFit Fibre is full of great people that really makes training enjoyable which it should be.


June and Jul17 PBs

June and July have been huge! We did lots of testing and we saw improvement across the board. Well done everyone on your PBs, achievements and hitting your goals. Every milestone counts.

Fibre Jun17 PBs Fibre Jul17 Pbs


Charlie Harding – Inhouse Occupational Therapist

On the 6 Aug, we had Charlie present on OT and the benefits of soft tissue treatments, including trigger point release.  Charlie is our inhouse Occupational Therapist and is available for bookings. 

Fibre Charlie OT



On the weekend of 12-13 August, we had 4 athletes participate in the local individual competition Frantic Day Out. It was a long day with 5 workouts completed by all athletes! Well done Charlie on your first individual competition and to all who gave all they had on the day!

Big congrats to Dash who placed 2nd in his category!

The final rankings were:

Women Beginner:

10th – Charlie Harding

12th – Lauren Hurn

Men Rx:

12th – Kade Pound

Men Masters 35-45

2nd – Dashiel Valenti


Fibre Frantic



On Saturday 19 Aug, we held our very own inhouse WL comp. The comp was facilitated by coach Kelvin, who gave us a feel of what a WL comp feel like: strategy, timing, preparation/warm up and standards required for your lifts.

It was a great experience for all involved and a lot of fun was had. We hope to bring you another one very soon!

Congratulations to all participants!

Congratulations to Wendy Wu who placed 1st in the women division with a 60kg Clean and Jerk and 48kg Snatch at 51.8kg body weight, and Bjorn Voon who placed 1st in the men division with a 110kg Clean and Jerk and 73kg Snatch.

Women division:

1st: Wendy Wu

2nd: Jessica Chu

3rd: Jo Alvisse

Men division:

1st: Bjorn Voon

2nd: Jason Clancy

Fibre wl fran

Fibre wl wu 60kg cnj

Fibre wl Jo

Fibre wl comp Jill

Fibre WL Jess

Fibre WL Wu 48KG SN

Fibre WL Jas sn

Fibre Bjorn WL

Fibre wl comp 1

Fibre WL

fibre wl comp 2

Fibre WL Comp Group



Every Monday at 7pm. Complimentary for all members.

ROMWOD is a daily online yin stretching routines for athletes. The benefits include:

Boost performance: Increased range of motion can generate power and promote efficiency of functional movements through improved position and posture.

Optimise range of motion: ROM is optimised through the strengthening of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously removing excess fascia through specific stretching routines.

Accelerate recovery: Recovery is increased through the natural release of hyaluronic acid while simultaneously resetting the central nervous system.




Fibre Accessories Work


Take time out and stand, lift your arms overhead and stretch, take a deep breath and exhale whilst you reach. This hyper extended position wakens you up and brightens you up if you were in a crunched hunched position for a long time.

Tense Your Abs at Your Chair

Tighten your stomach when you are sitting down. Tuck into a ball position and squeeze your abs into your spine. Keep the abs contracted then straighten your spine at the same time, increasing the tension on the abs. Release at the top and start again from the bottom. Repeat 10 times. Your colleagues will not even know you are working out! Keep moving on the chair. It is also not ideal to sit upright in your chair for many hours at a time.

Reset Your Posture

Every 30 minutes, reset your posture. Sit up right, pull your chin back, pinch your shoulders together, sit tall in your chair, drop your shoulders, pull you. This posture reset is important and allows you to breathe deeper into your lungs and allows you to get more oxygen into your body and wakes you up. Shallow breathing will restricts your oxygen flow to your body.

Get a Jogging Stroller

A jogging stroller if you have a little one. Get out enjoy the fresh air and go for a 1-2km jog with the bubbie in the stroller. Take some time to look after yourself because you need the looking after too. Yes. Everyone needs me-time. The little run will raise your heart rate and increase your fitness levels.

Walking Meetings

Having a quick meeting? Walk about for 30minutes while having the catch up. Walking and talking has been proven to improve creativity. A short walk around the block or around the office area can add to your daily activity levels.

Take the Stairs

Unless your office is at the top of the Bankwest Tower (52 floors), take the steps, or have a sweat!. Walking up the stairs is work you can do that will fire up your glutes, quads and get the muscles working and burning calories. If you are on top of the Bankwest Tower and you love a challenge, there you go! Of course, 2 steps at a time is always the choice. Conditioning can always be found everywhere.


You Cannot Go Rx Everyday

by Head Coach and Owner, Bjorn Voon

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Monday – Rx, Tuesday-Rx, Wednesday-Rx, Thursday, Friday-Rx, Saturday-Yeah balls -Rx. Boom awesome training week. Yeah Gains.

Monday-Rx but cannot finish WOD, breakdown, cry, I hate this fitness thing. Sound familiar? Perhaps.

Does this sound like you? Trying to fit in a million things into your training and when you get to crossFit, you try to Rx every single workout because you are Rx, you want to be Rx and you have been Rx’ing all this while, you must Rx because your ego says you have to, scaled is not an option.

Even the fittest in the world will “take it easy” when they need to and so should you. Sometimes your body is not capable of unleashing 100% intensity. All the time 5 days per week. It is not possible to do so. Your training needs to be undulating so that you give it a bit of rest. The rest will allow your body to recover so you can push at a higher intensity again or adapt and become stronger from the training stimulus. During your recovery your body’s adaptation will move your ceiling of strength/endurance above what you were before your workout. If you have not had enough time to rest, your body may get exhausted again before the new ceiling is reached.

A similar analogy is when you use your mobile phone. When the battery charge goes from 80% to 40% after a workout. You plug it into the socket and recharge. If you rest enough (recover), your charge will go up past 80%. If you do a workout before that time, it’s like unplugging at 80% when you could have gotten 10% more charge if you rested a little more.

The thing is our recovery is very individual and based on many factors like your age, nutrition, hours of sleep per night, genetics. Some can be controlled, but others cannot. You will need to listen to your body. Yes you read that right. Sometimes, you have to make the decision to go at a lower weight, a lower intensity. Sometimes you can go less than Rx. It is not about being Rxd all the time, it is about being normal and allowing your body the adequate rest. Sometimes that niggle in your shoulder needs a rest from those overheads.

Box programming is programmed with undulating variety to allow different muscles to rest and different stimuli to be applied to different energy systems. You bring the level of intensity needed for the intended stimuli and never be afraid to tell your coach that you are feeling off or having a day off. We understand and we know that tapering is important. We will find different options for you to do during class.

Some workouts will tax you muscularly and some will tax you through your nervous system and you will fatigue differently. They are 2 different things and both have different recovery times. You will find that muscular fatigue takes a few more days to recover as opposed to CNS fatigue.

The recovery for either can be a lighter, technique based session, focusing on drills or accessories or a day on the Rower or Airdyne or a moderate 5km run. All of which are still bettering your bodies movement quality and facilitating that needed rest. Movements need to be repeated thousands of times before they become much more efficient. The load added pre-fatigues certain muscle groups dependant on your habitual movements and sometimes it is necessary for your movement quality.

As I have noted before, your training approach needs to be undulating and periodised towards your goals. Rest, recovery and tapering is just as important as trying to Rx your workouts. Training is very different from competing. You can train everyday, but you cannot compete everyday.

Come sit down and have a chat with us about your training goals. We are always here for a chat and to help out.



by Kim Tran, owner La Belle Peau Skin Care Clinic, 478 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth WA 6006,

Useful tips on how to look after our skin when we are working out that often.  Thank you Kim for your time and advice.

**** Mention that you are from CrossFit Fibre and you will receive a complimentary skin consultation usually valued at $70. This is not a sponsored post, just sharing a great relationship that has stemmed out from results and great customer service. ****

Fibre La Belle Peau

So you’ve been working out and you’re feeling fantastically fit and healthy BUT you’ve noticed some not-so-nice changes in your skin. Perhaps an increase in blackheads, dryness or redness?

During a workout, your skin will heat up and produce more oil, sweat and bacteria, which can result in these annoying skin conditions. But fear not, follow these tips and not only will you be feeling fit, but your skin will be too!

  •  Cleanse your skin before your workout to remove any product from the night before which may irritate the skin.
  •  Cleanse your skin directly after your workout to avoid oil from hardening and oxidising to form blackheads and bacteria-forming pimples. This is particularly important if you are prone to breakouts on your face or body.
  •  Prepare a zip lock lunch bag to include a flannel with a touch of cleanser for a quick post-workout cleanse. We recommend the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt as only water is needed for a thorough cleanse.
  •  Choose a lightweight moisture protection that will keep you hydrated during your workout but that allow the heat build up to escape from the skin.
  •  Select a SPF especially for your skin type if your workout is outdoors. There are several formulas that will give you coverage but still allow the skin to breathe. We recommend the Ultraceuticals Sun Active Range and ColoreScience Sunforgettable Powder SPF 50+.
  •  Ideally, a skin consultation with La Belle Peau will give you your individual skin fitness needs.



8 weeks ago, a group of us embarked on a challenge to turn our nutrition and health around. There were heaps of beautiful foods created, resulting in a very enriching and rewarding experience for all. The mid challenge weigh in and check up saw some very good results from commitment to the programme. Above all, the challenge saw us establish a healthy relationship with food. This coming Sunday will mark the end of the challenge and the start of a healthier lifestyle for all. Congratulations all.



  • MegaWOD Partner WOD ‘Goodbye Jo’ with foodtruck – Tuesday 29 Aug @ 6pm
  • The Importance of Recovery, theory and hands on workshop by Fieldwork Health ~ 24 Sept (TBC)
  • Gladiator Games – Individual competition – Sunday 10 Sept
  • Fibre Out of Box series – Welcome Summer Hike – 1 Oct (track TBC)
  • The Primal Series – Individual competition – 21-22 Oct