Program Description

The core of the CrossFit Kids classes is to teach children about body awareness and proper movement to create a broad athletic foundation. We focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. When exposed to these skills at such a young age, this provides a great opportunity for them to maximize their physical skills. This focus is combined with keeping the children engaged and entertained as it is imperative to pair fitness and fun together to create a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children.

We have two classes to cater for two age groups on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Puppies Friday 4pm (45 mins)
Pack Wednesday 4pm and Friday 5pm (45 mins)

Puppies for our 4-9 years old

Our focus is to encourage kids to have fun whilst exercising. We will chat about a range of things at the start of the class which encourages talking in front of a group and getting to know each other. We will also promote a healthy lifestyle and will bring up discussions about healthy eating. A new skill is introduced every week and we repeat some movements so the kids can do them perfectly. A ten minute workout will follow and we always finish with a game.

Pack for our 10-15 years old

We start introducing some objects and weights in our Pack classes, at the coaches’ discretion. We are more strict about form and technique as body awareness and mechanism are essential at that age.