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“One year ago you will have wished you started today”

If you are looking for CrossFit in Perth, come check out CrossFit Fibre, located in Embleton, Perth, just off Tonkin Highway. We run early morning classes at 6am, 6pm and 7pm. We provide classic CrossFit classes, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting and CrossFit Kids. Please check our Timetable for various class times.

Who is it for
CrossFit is for the passionate and dedicated individual ready to make a change in your life. From 18 to 80, if you:
-have been instructed by general practitioners to better your overall health
-wanting to improve your general fitness
-wanting to change your body shape, lose fat
-wanting general conditioning for a specific sport

Why Do It
Helping you to achieve your goals is a part of what we like to do here at CrossFit Fibre. Whether if it is to:
-feel light and fantastic
-improve your confidence
-keep up with your army of children running circles around you
-tackle all flights of stairs without feeling winded

Take a look at some of the results that our members have achieved in our Achievements Page. We celebrate all achievements and we record them all. We have a PR horn that is getting tired from all the monthly achievements our members are getting.

What we do in CrossFit
In CrossFit, we move, run, jump, bike, swim, lift and throw. All of these components will be conditioned and constantly tested to gauge progress in performance. Because of these goals, the programming in a CrossFit facility needs to be different all the time to challenge the body to adapt. Expect the unexpected when you come to a class.

Go On. 3-2-1-Go!

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